Thursday, June 25, 2009

St. Angelo Fort, Kannur

If you ever visit Kannur, you cannot miss out going to St. Angelo Fort for two reasons:
1. Its right in the heart of the city. About 3 kms from the Railway Station and
2. Its a experience you'll never forget in your life!!!

Getting to St.Angelo fort is easy, but getting back is kind of tricky. From anywhere in the city you can hop into an auto rickshaw and get to the fort, but you'll have to wait for other visitors of fort coming in autos to go back to the city. The fort is kind of secluded and nestled on one side by Kannur Cantonment and the other side by the vast Arabian Sea.
Firstly, St. Angelo's doesn't qualify to be called a fort IMO. Its more of a watch-point for enemy ships. You can get more info here:

Whatever remains of the centuries old fort is currently very well maintained. The landscape inside the Fort is as enthralling as the view from beyond it. There's nothing much to see inside the fort. But its so quiet and peaceful, that it would take a bulldozer to take you out of this place. As go further and further into the fort, the sound of the waves hitting the rocks pulls you closer to the waters. There's no real beach at the Fort, but something like a mini-cliff. At first the waves look harmless and inviting. One closer look and you would take back your words faster than you got that thought in your head. The cliff is secured by huge stacked-up boulders. Sitting here and staring into the sea, till where the sea and the sky meet, you never realise how time flies.

Realising that we cannot be spending the whole day watching the sea, we finally decided to move-on. It was now that we had realised, we had neither had breakfast nor lunch and it was already well past lunch-time. In our eagerness to get to the fort, the very thought about having food or carrying it, never crossed our minds. The sudden realization about the lack of food made us more hungry and stomach-grumbling louder.

And then, as if God-sent we found a street-vendor right there in the middle of the fort. With him we found a couple of jars. The jars were with filled with salted-water, with sliced green chillies and coriander leaves. One of the jars had pineapple slices and the other had mango slices. We decided the go for the pineapple slices. Now, I swear to God, the pineapple slices dipped in saltwater with chilly and coriander was the bestest thing I ever ate in whole goddamned life!!!!
After devouring about 4 or 5 slices, we were ready to bade farewell to St. Angelo Fort, with a pledge to come back here someday...
  • Try the pineapple dipped in salted-water.
  • Sea-gazing.
  • No littering.
Soak-in the sun, sea and the wind.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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