Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jews Town, Cochin.

So? What do you do when you have time to kill and you are in city of Cochin? Quite obviously you would visit some of the neighbouring islands in Cochin, unless you are a Gold freak and want to check out the zillion gold shops in and around MG Road. After a little bit of deliberation we decided to visit Jews Town in Mattancherry Island and if time permits also check out Fort Kochi. We would have visited Bugatty Island, except that the only attraction there, the Bugatty Palace is now a star Hotel.

So, what's the best way to reach Mattancherry from Marine Drive? The ferry of course. I mean how often do you get to travel in a ferry? A Rs.3.50 paise ticket and you reach Mattancherry in about 20 mins - downstream. There are two main attractions in Mattacherry - the Mattancherry Palace and the Jews Synagogue, both of which are closed on Fridays and unfortunately for us it was indeed Friday. :(

Anyways, we decided to walk around Jews Town. Apart from the Synagogue there's a Jews Cemetery and a Jews Street. Jews street you'd find to be dotted with hundreds of antique shops. Out here you'd find anything and everything antique - right from meaningless photographs to even a Snakeboat. Its a shoppers paradise. A couple of khadi clothes shop you'd find with rock bottom prices. A little further down the street and you'll see the Jews Cemetery. Well, nothing much to look at (its a cemetery after all), just a little cultural significance. Jews street is the ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon.

Must-Do: Check out the bohemian stores and the antique dealers. Synagogue and the Mattanchery Palace.
Must-Don't: Visiting on a Friday.

My Rating: 5/10*

*Rating might go up had we visited the Synagogue and the Mattancherry Palace.

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