Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kanva Reservoir, Bangalore.

If you are planning to spend a coupla hrs of your lazy Sunday morning on a short long-drive in order to get away from mad concrete jungle of Bangalore and visit a place that is by no standards spectacular, then Kanva Reservoir is the place to be.

Let me reiterate that Kanva Reservoir on the river Kanva, which is a tributary of River Cauvery, is in no way spectacular. So visit this place only if you are running out of options to get away from Bangalore.

The most convenient aspect of visiting Kanva is its proximity to Bangalore and good Mysore Road, which makes the journey worthwhile. Getting to Kanva is pretty simple. Hit the Mysore Road and after crossing Ramnagara, there's the hard-to-miss Kamat Lokaruchi. A kilometer further to the Lokaruchi you need to take a right turn at the gap in the median. 8 kms of half-baked straight road will leave you at Kanva Reservoir. Kanva is a very quiet place, with hardly any visitors. Even the odd Qualis or Tavera that pulls in here, leave in a hurry. Not surprisingly there are no road side make-shift vendors too over here. No wonder the surroundings look a little neater compared to other destinations. Kanva, is one of the only destinations ive been to, where even the monkeys are surprisingly non-existent. Hmm..
The downside about Kanva is the fact that there's nothing you can really do over here. Especially if you belong to the group of people who don't want to get wet while on a long drive. So we just looked around for a spot to sit on and then started shooting pictures all over creation. Tired of clicking pictures we headed back to Bangalore after spending three quarters of hour here.

Oh... I almost forgot.. there's a Purushotthama Thirtha Gavi Cave Temple 3 kms further to Kanva if anybody is interested. Since we were not really the temple-going-types, we decided to give it a skip.
Getting-there: Mysore Road till Kamat Lokaruchi(60 kms) -> another 1km and then right at gap in the median ->9 kms straight road to Kanva.
Must-Do: Eat at Kamat Lokaruchi. Good Food. Check out Janapada Loka.
Must-Dont: Littering. Thankfully the influx of tourists is less and hence its pretty much litter-free. So lets keep it that way.

My Rating: 4/10