Friday, June 26, 2009

Pazhassi Dam, Kannur

I should have taken my R&D on Pazhassi Dam a little more seriously. This place is strictly a picnic place. And a picnic is no fun with just two people, ain't it?
Well.. so there's this Pazhassi Dam over the Pazhassi River and threes a small park, some greenery, a curious stalker and that's about it.
But what makes the whole 37 kms travel from Kannur worthwhile is this one picture Ive taken of the greenery of this place. Its only when I got back to Bangalore and copied the picture onto my laptop did I truly see the beauty of the picture. Not surprisingly, it is now my desktop picture.

The up-side about this place is its Dead Silence. Nowhere in the whole wide world will you find a more calmer place. Its so quiet out here that you begin to wonder if you have gone deaf. From time to time, you need to make a make a sound to ensure that you are indeed not deaf.

On the down-side, you would have enough of the place after a while and wish to back to the more feel-good mad rush of the city.

But then, if you are in Kannur with enough time at your disposal you could stop by this place and experience what is called "deafening silence".

Getting-there: Take a bus from Kannur to Mattannur. And another one from there to the Dam(the frequency of which is one bus every 2 or 3 hrs).
Must-Do: Take Pictures.
Must-Don't: Visit here, if you are fighting against time and Littering of course.
Tips: Better to go in a group. Ideal place for Frisbees and cricket, find out the bus timings for the return journey.
Warning: The place doesnot have a proper washroom!!!
My Rating: 5/10

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