Friday, June 26, 2009

Muzhapilangad Beach, Kannur

Muzhapilangad beach situated 16 kms from Kannur is a must-visit for all beach enthusiasts. Muzhapilangad is no ordinary run-of-the-mill beach though. Its the only drive-in beach in kerala where you could actually drive a good 4 kms in the sand beach. The beach sand here is very hard which enables you to drive your vehicle at crazy speeds. So, if sand sculpting is your thing, you are at the wrong place. Add to that, the water here is so shallow, you could walk a quarter of mile into sea and come back without wetting your T-shirt.

The beach is frequented by:

  • Formula1 wannabes
  • L-boarders
  • Hand-holding couples
  • Health-freaks
  • Dejected souls
  • Camera-wielding Tourists

Like most tourist places in Kerala, this beach too is very well maintained. An Ice-cream vendor assured us, that every evening couple of KTDC workers pick-up trash from the beach. We decided to trust the guy after we failed to spot any trash around and handed-over our ice-creams covers to him reiterating him to pass it on to the workers.

Apparently, there are water-sports available here. But we couldn't spot any. May be because it was the off-season. The Europeans and the Americans come here in the winters. And for good reason too. A couple of days is all you need to get a complete tan.

All in all, a great place.

Getting-there: You could take any bus going from Kannur to Thalassery.
Must-Do: Collect Shells, drive a car along the water, walk into the sea, watch the sunset.
Must-Don't: Littering.
Caution: Stepping on crabs.

My Rating: 7/10

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