Friday, August 04, 2006

of sports and movies

sports and movies are somthing that appeals to my all my senses. so its only natural that movies made on sports are a BIG thing wid me. dheres something more abt such movies apart from the high-flying sporting action. most of these movies are based on true stories. stories abt men who had to overcome many odds to make it a perfect fairy-tale ending. so apart from being a wonderful "action" movie, these movies are in many cases "inspiring".
foremost in the list wud be Remember the Titans. dheres never been a better made sports movie than this. denzel washington was THE MAN. ive lost count of the number of times ive seen the movie. its beyond my comprehension to decipher this pop quiz - "why was denzel not given an Oscar for Remember the Titans?" a man of such calibre, for his performance in that movie being denied an Oscar still beats me.
another movie worthy of mention is Coach Carter. though the movie was awe-inspiring it cannot be put in the same league as Titans. the reason wud lie in the performance put in by Denzel. Samuel L. Jackson , despite being a gr8 actor was a misfit for the role of a coach. i wud have preferred a more energetic and agile Denzel than an old and weary Samuel for the role.
Glory Road was another gud attempt at making an inspirational sports movie, but coz of the lack of a strong performance by any1 in particular, the movie wud jus be branded "watchable". Friday Night Lights was another poor attempt at appealing to the sports aficionado. how can a not-so-happy-ending be inspiring???
on the lighter side of things The Replacements is a fantastic comedy-sports-movie. there is a very nice feeling abt that movie that makes me watch it as many times as is humanly possible. same is the case wid The Longest Yard or Water Boy.
and then dhere is Jerry Maguire.......
JM is in a class of its own --- cut-throat-competetive-romantic-comedy-sports-dramatic movie. i wud consider it one of the best movies ever made. the movie had to be big hit wid the audience. it has something for everybody. competition and business strategies in a field never b4 ventured by any hollywood movie makigf franchise - sports agents. whoever took sports agents seriously???
dheres the wonderfully romantically picturized scenes between Tom Cruise and Renee Zellewegger. and then dheres the cutest big-mouth 8-year old ever in Hollywood. who can forget Kwan-lover Cuba Gooding Jr.?
the movie sure has to be one of the best made ever in hollywood. and the best part is that JM has set a standard for all sports movies. a standard that wud be tough to beat. well i can only pray to the Lord of Movies - whoever that is - to bless us wid more gud quality awe-inspiring sports movies.


  1. I watched "Remember the Titans" just a week ago it was yummmmy. JM is next! Ah what a muse.. lovely.

  2. hmm thanx. after all im not that bad huh? :-)