Wednesday, August 16, 2006

champion of the underdog

strange as it may seem, i hate champions. im all for the underdogs. be it sports or entertainment or everyday life... i prefer the underdogs to the champs. dheres always an urge in me to see the champs being toppled by an unsuspecting, harmless-looking, run-of-the-mill darkhorse. i guess it brings more variety and a wave of fresh breeze into the scene. looking at it from the underdog's POV, that incident wud his life's single greatest moment. a moment that he wud cherish for the rest of his life.
and looking at it from the champs POV, it wud seem even more interesting. the look of shock on the erstwhile champ's face is a sight to be behold. thats like a reminder to say, nothing should taken for granted in this world.
i can cite many examples where i hate to see the champs win...again. most prominent in the list wud be the Australian Cricket Team - The Juggernaut. i know they are best 11 member outfit ever to have walked the pitch, i know its a thrill to watch their professionalism and their committment, i know they are the dream team for any nation...but nothing gives me more joy than seeing them being beaten. imagine my joy when they lost to their competitive rivals South Africa after posting that mammoth 420 plus total. thats a fairy-tale match for every sports-lover.
the nxt prominent person that i wud LOVE to see loose is the German who fires up the F1 track - schumi. how much i love to see that arrogant bastard loose...surely hez the finest driver in the F1 circuit till date, but his arrogance puts me off. talent does not give u a go-ahead to be arrogant. moreover its no fun if schumi wins all the races. i mean we all need some action, some drama, suspense, anxiety and excitement in our sports. monotony is the last thing u want in sports.
and ofcourse the Brazilian Football team. the most prominent football nation since the beginning of the world cup. personally im a gr8 fan of ronaldinho and his football dexterity. nevertheless, i prefer a German or Portugal or an Argentinian win.
gr8 admirer of Federer, but wud love to see Blake steal a win from "Him".
i never understood why writers refer to a champs loss as an "upset". common ppl, not everybody is upset coz the champ lost. dhere are quite a few who are enthusiastic abt it - one person/team in particular. and that upset win means more than anything else in the world to the hard-fought winner. this darkhorse winner deserves every accolade and more for his/their achievement, considering the fact that he/they overcame all odds. hence its not fair to call it an "upset".
jus reflect upon the so-called greatest upsets in sports. and in every one of them, u can see history being made. ppl have been talking abt it for years and will be talking abt it for years to come. keep at it, underdogs....


  1. Hmm ..I thought the champs win 'cos they work harder (or, are more lucky) than the so called underdogs.

  2. the champs win coz they are hard-working ant NOT coz they are lucky. but i prefer the underdogs coz i like a bit of drama. makes life more interesting.
    btw who likes monotony.