Wednesday, August 16, 2006

...a dialogue

r: My head is flooded with an ocean of questions so I thought I'd bug you with one. I hope you don't mind!

Do you ever think that people marry (with the excuse or reality of love) simply to avoid being alone? That being alone is such a frightening concept that they forge ahead into marital bonds to avoid the experience? I look around and see people who marry because it was the "next step" in life, or because they don't want to be alone, because their spouse is physically beautiful. I also hear people say that they date because they can't be happy by themselves. It's weird how that's true for a lot of people. Blaaah... what say you?

ish: well one of the main reasons y ppl get married is coz, as u sd "its the next step". there's a life cycle to follow for every1. study, get a job, marry, have kids, make sure the kids are settled, retire from work, and lead an OLD life.
any aberration is not socially accepted. but most importantly if u dont follow the life cycle u are a "social outcast". and along wid it comes all kinds of branding. ppl start thinking dheres something physically wrong wid u, mayb that u are an homosexual, or jus outright crazy.
its this fear of being a social outcast that make ppl conform to the society. have u ever heard the saying "patters are apriori".
dhere are these set patterns that are made in advance, and u are moulded by the society to fit into this pattern.
also ppl marry coz of their physical/sexual needs. u mite say, u can have sex widout marriage. but then in a country like india, thats exactly not how things go on. is it?

on a personal basis i cant totally deny that im an exception to this rule. though im one who doesnt care much abt the society, i still dont want to be unanimously be hated by the entire population. so i wud rather fit-in.


  1. Just had this thought:

    Society doesn't reject you, but YOU reject society.


  2. i have this whole theory that there is no perfect citizen in the society. Someone comes up with the specs and then everyone tries to pretend to be the same.

    It is easier to fit in than stick out, but who forces marriage on people anyways? And people do get laid in India.

    Coming to the actual point, being alone is scary for most. You don't need someone to "complete" you, but it's easier to have someone fill in the void than get off ur butt and get busy i guess.

  3. it sucks to be part of a pattern, that u havnt created. not many like to follow the specs created by some1 else. but its easier to fit-in.
    for some reason, i love to travel the raod-less-taken, but its not as easy as it seams. u find urself answerable to ppl at every juncture. justifying ur actions. and its kinda tiresome and discouraging....
    being alone is really scary. and even if ppl are getting laid, a marriage is a better option.