Monday, July 24, 2006

i will survive.....

ok enuf of the goody goody me. its time to get nasty and let my emotions run high and bitch abt the world. ever since i came to the US ive seen a lot and had to go thru a lot. every once in a while, i get an unpleasantry jolt that brings me face to face wid the harsh realities of life. and in this past 2 years ive seen a lot, experienced a lot and learnt a lot of lessons too. and quite recently as a week ago, i learnt another harsh lesson. never trust anyone. ok now thats a really scandulous thing to say. so lemme put it in a toned-down version. never have any kind of expectations from any1.
dheres no such thing as "trust" when it comes to business. in business the only things that matter are partners and profits. no place for friends and favors. to succeed in business ppl delve in lies, deceit, lack of concern for human emotions, loss of morality, hypocrisy and downright bastard-ism.
they have an amazing tendency to put up this perfect gud-natured and lovable side and yet be a complete motherfucker behind those oh-so-fake front. but wht my foes dont realise is that i aint no sissy either. and i can beat them at their own game, in a more convincing manner. the joy in defeating ur foes at their own game is jus beyond any comparision. right now i can give up anything in the world to look at the faces of my foes when and if they realise the damage i caused them.

i guess its time for me to tell the world, I am a Mallu and I am a Scorpion, and u better not mess wid me. I may have been a victim, but I am also a Survivor, so FUCK YOU world....


  1. :-( that's such a harsh way to look at it. I hope you recoup from the shitty exp. that's got you down.

  2. i really dont think its a harsh way to look at things. being circumspect really helps...
    take it from me, NEVER expect too much from ppl.