Friday, July 21, 2006

a late entrant

and finally... the blogging community sucessfully entices another victim into its web. for years this valiant soul had fought hard against being taken-in, wid all might. but i guess i was waging a loosing battle...the end was near. the foes once again proved that their war-strategies were fool-proof. boredom and inaction...thats wht gets u in the end.
so here i am...bruised, tired and completely lost. now wht??? i feel like "alice in wonderland", or better still Neo in a compter program. i guess im to write stuff that makes loads of sense to me but utter nonsense to my readers. the bigger and greater the nonsense the better the i heard.
ive spent the last one week reading blogs of complete strangers. the blogs ranged from random musings on a meta-physical level to utter nonsense on a daily-chores level. from mind-blowing to complete pedestrain, from personal tastes to no-holds-bar-rantings.
this only added to my confusion. wht to write? but i guess the answer is "jus be urself" and write shit in general. i dont want to labeled a rebel in the blogging community by being a maverick. so i mite as well walk wid the herd.
so here i am, bloggers of the world, wid my very own personal random musings....


  1. shit!! I hate to say this, but my intro is somewhat the same..
    I saw yours after I wrote mine. So..I hope you dont mind :)

  2. no problemo...u wrote wht u had to write. thats all that matters