Friday, July 21, 2006

the better things in life...

i wanna start my blogging on a positive note. and it dint take me more than a second to decide on the one postive thing to write abt. in a life filled wid common-place, boredom and nothingness, "she" really has given me a reason to exist. "exist" i shud say is an understatement. she brot reason and purpose when she entered my life. a sense of direction and a cause to live and die for...
no shez not a magician who changed my life into a fairy tale. she dint obliterate my sorrows or heal my wounds. but she was like a monsoon, that brot great amounts of happiness and sorrow and left me completely soaked.
when i am wid her...which is rare...i can jus comfortably shut da fuck up and listen to her talk, blabber, or argue in general abt nothing or jus watch her go abt doin her routine, and still feel closer to her than ever b4 - a quality that ive never seen anybody else possess.
every couple feels that they are "made for each other" and that they cudnt be happier wid anybody else, or that their love interest is "da best in the world". i wudnt dare as argue on that, after all thats when u call it "true love" huh?
most ppl dont realise the meaning of a true love. ive seen ppl fall i love coz their partner can make them laugh any time of the day, or that they can talk on the phone for hrs together, or coz they have similar likes and dislikes. but dat i guess this is not the true defnition of a true love. true love is all abt giving you moral support at the worst of times, abt making you look beyond ur failures, abt telling u that no matter the failures u are still a hero in my eyes. its abt judgin ur mood by the tone of ur opening words - be it over the phone or online. its abt standing by every decision u make, right or wrong, jus coz she trusts u in whtever u do. its also abt willingness to make the most unthinkable compromises to see-you-thru, in times of turmoil and desperation.
thats when u feel the world is not such a bad place after all...and dat there are a few things that are worth living and dying for...

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