Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thrikkariyoor Mahadeva Kshetram, Kothamangalam, Kerala.

Shiva Temple
 The Thrikkariyoor Shiva Temple is considered to be the last pratishta of Lord Parasurama. It is the last among the 108 Shivalayas consecrated by Parasurama. Legend goes that, Lord Parasurama (sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) created the land between Gokarna and Kanyakumari. After many years of penance Parasurama invoked Lord Varuna (Lord of the Oceans) to absolve Himself of His sins. Parasurama wanted to donate some land to the Brahmins and asked for this boon from Lord Varuna. Varuna gave Parasurama an axe and asked him to throw it as far as possible. The distance the axe covers from Gokarna will be given to him. The axe thrown from Gokarna landed in Kanyakumari, thereby creating the land (Kerala) for Brahmins. After this, Parasurama set about establishing 64 villages and consequently 108 Shiva temples in that stretch. Apparently Thrikkariyoor is where Parasurama attained Salvation.

It is also believed that this temple contains the spirits of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. But there isn't much info behind the reason for this belief. Another significance of Thrikkariyoor is that it is believed to be Capital of the Chera Dynasty. Some historians even claim that Thrikkariyoor is the modern Karur, although there is not much support for this theory.

Bhagvathy Temple

It is a comparatively large temple with medieval architecture. There is a calmness about the temple that will put your mind at peace - something that I look for in temples. The quietness and solitude of this holy place makes you feel a lot closer to God. Being walking distance from my maternal ancestral home, I've been here umpteen times. And every time I was here I just love the atmosphere and the cosmic energy projected at me. Refreshed and invigorated I head to the Bhagvathy temple bang opposite the Shiva Temple before returning home to relax for the rest of the day.

Getting-there: Thrikkariyoor is 4 kms from Kothamangalam town in Aluva (Ernakulam District, Kerala).

Must-Do: Obey the dress code.
Must-Don't: Miss a visit to Bhagvathy Temple opposite to the Shiva temple.

My Rating: 6/10

Information Courtesy: vaikhari


  1. Interesting information indeed. Always the majestic calm campus of temple surely brings the vibration in our soul to the maximum extent.Nicely narrated buddy

    1. Frankly, I never knew there was so much history associated with this temple. For me all these years, it was a regular temple within walking distance from my ancestral home. All thanks to Google and the Wiki, I was able to pull up all this information.

  2. I am really happy to see your post with all the pictures. To be more specific, it is very near my mother's home and still my grandma is residing there. I used to visit the temple umpteen times whenever i was there for my summer vacations during my school days. What a wonderful place it is. Thanks for rekindling my nostalgia.