Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chikka Tirupathi, Sarjapura

We wanted to make the best use of our Ayudha Pooja holiday besides the fact that we wanted to take our little one out on a long drive.  Considering that the little one hadn’t gone on a long drive yet, we wanted to go somewhere near, yet comfortably out of Bangalore. After a good look at the options, we zeroed-in on Chikka Tirupathi. Comfortably placed at 32 kms from house, the ride to this miniature Tirupathi seemed ideal.

Chikka Tirupathi is located 10km further of Sarjapura. There’s no chance you will get lost reaching this temple. It’s just one straight road till Sarjapura. From here you need to take a left. 10 kms later you will be at the door step of Lord Venkateshwara. Now if you are wondering why this temple is called a mini-Tirupathi, it is because this one is a replica of the actual temple in Tirumala. Also, all the festivities and poojas performed in Tirumala are also performed here. There are also some mythological stories associated with this temple.  It is believed that  Agni during incineration of the forests of herbs, causes burn injuries on serpent Lord Takshaka. Enraged by this act, Takshaka bestows a curse on Agni that he would lose his powers. Disturbed by this event, He rushes to Lord Krishna for advice, who suggests Agni to perform a penance to appease Lord Vishnu. A dedicated penance later, a pleased Lord Vishnu performs a shaapa vimochana for Agni. A joyous Agni  builds a temple for Lord Venkateshwara, aptly named, Prasanna Venkateshwara.

Surprisingly, there were hardly a handful of devotees, especially since it was a festive day. A quick darshan later we spent a few lazy moments there before heading back to Bangalore. On the way back, we stopped at the Kochu Guruvayoor temple, but it was already closed for poojas.

The ride till Dommasandra is nothing worth writing about. Its uneven and pot-hole ridden. However the road does better after Dommasandra till Sarjapura. Driving through the narrow market lanes of Sarjapura is a nightmarish experience, especially when careless people do not think twice before leaving a scratch on your car. The final 10 km stretch is beautiful ride through the idyllic villages. The well-laid winding roads and cool breeze settles the case that you are finally out of Bangalore – if only for a short while.

Getting-there: Take right at Iblur Junction on Sarjapur Road/ORR and continue till Sarjapura(approx. 20kms). After Sarjapura town take left and follow the signboards for the final 10 kms.

Must-Do: Drive carefully through Sarjapura town. Best to go in a hatchback than a sedan.
Must-Don’t: Littering along the way and near the temple.

My Rating: 5/10

Photo and Content Credits: Alemaari


  1. Nice write up about the temple complex and its history of Chikka Tirupathi. God exists every where and even in this temple too. A nice getaway on a holiday or a weekend.

    1. Thanks Sri. Yeah its a nice short drive out of Bangalore to a calmer world.

  2. Nice temple.