Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sahasralinga, Sirsi

The literal translation of Sahasralinga means a 1000 Lingas. And that’s precisely what you get to see here. On the banks of river Shalmala are carved hundreds and hundreds of Shivalingas and Nandis (Basavannas). It is believed that for every Linga, there is a Nandi staring at it. Currently there are far too fewer lingas, and even the ones present have suffered some damage over the years thanks to the force of the ravenous waters. Even then the sheer number of Lingas and Nandis is sight to be seen to be believed, notwithstanding the fact that we went there at a time when the water flow was high.

These Shiva lingas were built by King Sadashivaraya of Sirsi. It is best to visit Sahasralinga during the dry seasons, when the flow of water is pretty less. Sahasralinga is 10 kms from Sirsi. A recent addition to this tourist location is a hanging bridge built across the river to connect neighboring villages. Since the flow of water is comparatively gentler, this place can also double up as a picnic center. Children might enjoy play in the water here.

Getting-there: About 10 kms from Sirsi en route Yellapur.

Must-Do: Visit during the dry seasons to see more of the lingas surfacing.
Must-Don’t: Vandalism and Littering.

My Rating: 6/10


  1. Very nice short and sweet writeup. The shivalingas and nandi's are a treat to watch. Hats of the craftman who created a mini kailasa on this river.
    Way to go buddy!

    1. Thanks buddy. Quite a task to make so many lingas and nandis...

  2. Great place. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. 1000 Lingas! That and the place where they are situated is very interesting. Good for you that you got to take pictures of some of the Lingas while they're still around. Thanks for showing it to us :)
    Is that bridge motor able? It looks cool.

    1. Thanks D.
      Yes the bridge is motorable (saw 2 wheelers being driven over it.)