Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mullayangiri, Chikmagalur.

On the way to Mullayangiri via Muthodi
Day 2 in Chikmagalur had a sedate start. Though we had planned to leave early in the morning to Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary, couldn't execute it to the dot. Breakfast was at the renowned New Town Canteen. If you google New Town Canteen, you would see umpteen recomendations to have the Butter Masala Dosas here. The recommendations stand in good stead with the Dosas made here. New Town Canteen is the MTR of Chikmagalur. In fact, there were some in the group that vouched for the fact that New Town Canteen served better Dosas than MTR. But don't take our word for it and check out for yourself.

After having two Masala Dosas dripping with butter, we faced a difficult task of bundling into our SUV and stay put till we reached Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary. Our excitement to see some wildlife was nipped in the bud when we heard from the Forest Officer that the Safaris were suspended owing to heavy rains and bad terrain. But our dissapointment was partially wiped out by the amiable Officer who gave us an insight into the whole Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, the Tiger Conservation Project, notable species native to the Muthodi/Bhadra Sactuaries among others.
From inside the cave.

He also suggested us to take a different route through the forest to reach Mullayangiri, for its breathtaking beauty. And breathtaking indeed it was. For the seond time in as many days, we were left gasping for breath looking at the lush green cover and mountain ranges as far as the eye can see. Luckily, we did not encounter a single tourist vehicle along this route, allowing us to stop and stare wherever we wished.

Mullayangiri Temple.

Mullayangiri has been well covered in this Nov 2010 blog. An addition to that is an underground cave below the temple. Not an extensive cave, but well worth the visit. Get ready to soil your clothes if you decide to enter this cave.


  1. good enough information on the highest peak of karnataka...

    you are a very good script writer...keep up the highs..

  2. Thank you Srikanth. And you are a good travel blogger yourself :-)

  3. Good one.. and thanks fore re-experiencing the dosa and peak

    Thanks to Lokeshappa, the forest officer.. for a virtual safari to muthodi wildlife..

  4. Hey nice snaps!!
    We recently visited Mullayangiri .. and it was real heaven!!

  5. Sandeep, im hoping by now you should have recovered to eat 4 dosas in a day :)

  6. Yes Mukul agree with you. Its the closest thing to heaven in South India.