Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hebbe Falls, Chikmagalur

To read up on Hebbe Falls please visit my blog post entered in Nov 2010. There was hardly any change in the whole Hebbe Falls experience, except this time there were six different people joining the ride. We learnt that the Falls lies in the property of a Coffee Estate owner who has refused to hand it over to the State Tourism Department. This has proved to be a blessing in disguise for nature lovers, as the place still retains most of its pristine beauty. This also means there were no petty shops selling chips and water bottles which will contribute to polluting the place. It continues to be one of the best maintained waterfalls I've seen till date. Even though we did spot some trash thrown by a family who thought it to be a great idea to have their lunch enjoying the view of the falls and then trash the place when they leave!!!
I wonder what kind of parents they are to teach their kids to disregard and destroy nature, which they have come to visit and enjoy? What can be more shameful than that? And then of course there are the hooligans who come to such places to get "high". The worst part is that they throw these (broken) alchohol bottles right there bringing grave danger to the revellers. Well enough of irresponsible-traveller-bashing. Here are a few new pics from Hebbe Falls to treat your eyes.


  1. nicely written again...the path from kemmannu gundi to the hebbe falls is worth watching...would like to trek the whole distance of 13kms one way..that is my dream

    Nice narration buddy!!!!

  2. Actually I read somewhere (Wikipedia?) that there's a trekkable route from Raj Bhavan to Hebbe Falls which is only 8 kms!!! Wish we had read it earlier, we could have saved Rs 1000 collectively :)

  3. ya thats great...will explore it..we have a good six months to explore the information...well..i really enjoyed the drive to hebbe in that automobile wonder...since i was in the front seat..probably the impact on my bones were less than you people felt..!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes, six months is good time. We might even explore places in and around Chikmagalur and make a weekend trip out of it.

    Jeep ride was real fun. Sitting at the back is more fun though, as you said :)

  5. indeed .. its a nicely maintained falls, i have ever seen..

    +5 for the joy ride.. we had .... there