Monday, July 27, 2009

:-( Despair

We all claim ourselves to be "different". But how many of us actually walk-the-talk?? Here's a reality check.

We all (at least some of us) have Motivational or Inspirational posters in our respective work-places, home, school etc. But the question here is: why only motivational posters? Why not demotivators? Why not some dark sarcasm at your place, poking fun of everything that you do and everything you are involved in? Why not glorify the darker side of life?
Sounds like a good idea? Well... like most good ideas, this one has been taken too. is the perfect demotivator website. Here, you not only can buy demotivating posters but also get demotivating calenders, coffee mugs, photo frames, cards, laptop skins, T-shirts (how can you not have T-shirts), PoV glasses et al.
Its a true Pessimist's haven. Its the Elixir for all those miserable dysfunctional souls. As the site claims, its a relentless pursuit of dejection.

Oh.. they also have a Customer Disservice, where you can register you insensitive complaints about how less demotivated you have been about the products these guys have to offer. So go on and despair all you like and be the proudest Pessimist in the world.

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