Friday, February 01, 2013

Elliot's Beach, Chennai

The Elliot's Beach (a.k.a Besant Nagar Beach) is comparatively smaller, less crowded and cleaner beach than Marina. This beach situated to the south of Marina and easily accessible by road. There are enough buses to this area and is a short walk from the Besant Nagar bus stand. To avoid the maddening crowd I went to this beach in the late after noon around 3. And sure enough it wasn't much crowded. Even the Sun beat down in full glory, the gushing breeze negated much of the blazing heat of the Sun. Much like the Marina Beach, the sea is very unpredictable.

It is better to observe caution and restrict yourself to just wetting your feet. Thankfully at that time of the day (weekday) it was totally devoid of any hawkers, beggars and stall owners. I spent a much-needed relaxing couple of hours with the calming (of the mind) sea before heading back to my hotel.

Getting-there: Plenty of buses to Besant Nagar. From there it's 1km walk/auto-ride.

Must-Do: Visit during the non peak hours/day

Must-Don't: Littering

My Rating: 4/10


  1. Short and sweet information..the beach always brings the calmness in us even though we are sitting facing the high tides. nice information!

    1. Very true Sri! Nothing calms the mind that the sound of the crashing waves!

  2. You've been on a beach-visiting spree, eh? :)
    You can never get enough of beaches, right? I feel I can spend days staring at the sea.

    That's a nice picture, the second one.

    1. Well yes... Why miss an opportunity? And I never get tired of beaches - unless they are trashed to the brim!

      Thanks D.