Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glenmorgan, Ooty

Glenmorgan is what Ooty's not. It is quiet, serene, clean and devoid of tourists. The place gets its name from one of the oldest Tea Estates in the Ooty region. Glenmorgan is also an "electricity" town. There is a tiny and scenic lake at Glenmorgan that acts as the fountainhead for the electricity board that was established here. The lake here is unlike any you will see anywhere in Ooty. It is literally nestled in the lap of the Nilgiris with tea gardens encompassing it. The atmosphere is so serene that it will put your mind and body at ease.

A little ahead from the lake lies a deserted bungalow. A narrow winding path from here will take you to one of the most exciting viewpoints of Ooty. The view from here is absolutely spectacular. From the ranges much higher than where we stand to the deep valley down below, the contrast is quite striking. The color composition is also a distinct feature here. From the green magnificence of nature to the mighty brown ranges to the Azure blue of the sky dotted with the pristine white clouds - its nature at its best.

The winds here are so strong, you can hardly hear the person next to you talking. Apart from this there are (were) two mini architectural wonders here. One, a huge well big enough to swallow Bangalore’s Utility building and two, a cable car that starts here and takes you downhill. Both seem to be out-of-favour now with the authorities and are no longer in operation. The couple of hours we spent here was well worth the time and effort. This is the real Ooty if ever there was one.

Getting-there: Follow the signboards and ask for directions.

Must-Do: Find the deserted bungalow and get to the viewpoint. The Viewpoint is also accessible from the power plant.
Must-Don’t: Photography near the power plant.

My Rating: 6/10


  1. At last i can see happy face in the diary...

    good description of mother's nature.. Picture describes the colourful nature's nature..

    Good write up buddy

  2. Thanks Sri. Glenmorgan was really peaceful and soothing. One of the few places in Ooty I will consider re-visiting.

  3. wonderful plc..i did not like ooty at all..and glad went there on work trip...if it would have been a holiday....i would have been sorely disappointed!!!......

    but this plc is definitely all wat ooty is not as u rightly said!!

  4. Beautiful. Another of those places for our school picnics. This post brought back memories. :)

  5. this is the best place and also very dangerous place.. now tourist are not allowed here.. only vips or if you have good contacts with govt people are allowed.. we went recently here with some good contacts from TN govt..
    Best place and here cheetahs, black tiger or jackal roam freely.. but worth to watch it if you have guts.

  6. How far is Glen Morgan from Ooty Lake?