Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tanir Bavi Beach, Mangalore.

It is quite a predicament when you have too little time in your hands and too many beaches to visit. The situation calls for making an intelligent and informed decision on which beach to go for. Again our reliable sources suggested that Tanir Bavi beach was the place to be.

If a beach with pristine sands, breathtaking sunsets and devoid of the umpteen hawkers, beach-shacks and hooligans is your ideal way to unwind on a lazy weekend, then Tanir Bavi is you should be headed. Tanir Bavi is just the right place for you to fritter away your worries and clear up your mind. The cool breeze seems to just magically take away all the maladies of a hectic city life and replace it with a clean slate, so that you can start all over again.

Even in the company of friends with bubbling energy you will find a sense of peace and solitude that you will lack even in the privacy of your city home.

Getting-there: As is the norm with commuting in Mangalore, take one of the frequent buses to Tanir Bavi. There's usually a flat fare of Rs 5 per head for most places inside Mangalore city.
Must-Do: Meditate, reflect and rediscover yourself while the waves gently crawl over your body with the sun setting in the horizon.
Must-Don't: Ruin this peaceful abode with commercialization and modernization. Littering.
My Rating: 7/10


  1. A sweet write up on the hot sun beach...breathtaking snaps, sunset, sand makes this land an peaceful land..

    You have given a royal salute by a wonderful soulful write up.


  2. Wish we could a little more time there. It was fun while it lasted :)

  3. lovely images!!

  4. Essence of Sweetness is embedded in both images and blogs

  5. Thanks Sandeep. We of course had a great time there! :)