Monday, June 20, 2011

Nandi Hills through D90

The last time I had been to Nandi Hills was in the July of 2009. Even after two years, I still distinctly remember the images of that trip. I remember that I couldn’t differentiate the mist from clouds. Two years later, I still faced the same problem. Only this time, the clouds and/or mist were even more intense. To add to my woes, I could not differentiate the rain from the dew. That is also probably why Nandi Hills will continue to be one of my favoured destinations around Bangalore.

Just like last time, we were there very early in the day. But this time round I explored Nandi Hills with a different set of people (Photography and Trekking enthusiasts) and a different set of eyes (Nikon D90). Here’s some of the best moments frozen in pixels:


  1. Breathtaking moments, and mesmarising company...

    I liked your ice cool cucumber kind of pacey walk...and frame selection...

    the moments on this biking to nandi hills to be cherished for longtime.

  2. Thank you Srikanth and Sandeep. You guys made it a trip-to-remember. We must do this more often.