Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chandra Choodeshwara Temple, Hosur

If you are looking for a short drive from Bangalore but still want to end up with a feeling that you’ve travelled a lot by reaching another state, then you should visit the Chandra Choodeshwar temple in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. But be warned, there’s nothing spectacular about this temple. However, there are few noteworthy points worth mentioning:

• The Chandra Choodeshwar Kovil is really old and hence in a way appealing.

• Add to that, the newly re-enforced stone pillars give it an ancient look-and-feel.

• Also, like most prominent temple in Tamil Nadu, it has a huge gopuram.

• And lastly, the temple is on a hill and it provides a lovely sunset.

Getting-there: Silk Board->Electronic city-> Attibele->Hosur(33km)

My Rating: 4/10