Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colva Beach, Goa.

The only reasons we came to this beach was my desire to see the beach where I almost drowned 16 years ago and the fact that we had time on our hands to kill while we were in Madgaon.

The visit to Colva turned out to be a bad idea right from the start. Firstly, we reached there on a mid summer hot afternoon, with the Sun at its cruelest best. Even then to our surprise we found the beach choc-a-block filled with people. It being a sunday and with the Carnival to begin in a matter or coupla hours, this was already turning out to be a bad idea. With the Sun so hot and the beach so crowded, we walked straight towards one of the shacks on the beach. without even bothering to touch the water. After a good two hours of surf parasail watching we left, much to our own disappointment.

The only positive about Colva is that parasailing here is much cheaper than what it was at Benaulim. This beach is best avoided, if solitude is what you are looking for.

Getting-there: Colva is bang in the middle of Madgaon, around 6kms from the city central. You can hire a bike and move around. Ask the locals for direction.

Must-Do: Adventure sports, as they are cheaper here.

Must-Don't: Littering.

Ups: Cheaper adventure sports, one of the best white sandy beaches in Goa.
Downs: Too crowded.

My Rating: 5/10


  1. PK....Kya chalra, sahee blog hai...Way to go Buddy !!! Btw, This is Rachit (Arshad and Gautham)

  2. saaley....ittey photos kya tu kheecha ya kahin se maarliya

  3. Rachit Mathur!!! Kya haal hai. Kaise ho? Long time.

  4. Abey nahin... 100% pk's property hain :)

  5. Hi...Thanks for visiting me.
    Colva beach is special to me, as it was our first destination during the college trip. Lovely beach.

  6. Same here. Colva beach in Goa was my first school trip back in '95. And from what I remember it was heavenly, nothing compared to what it is now sadly...