Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kudle Beach, Gokarna.

Kudle is a must-visit beach if you are in Gokarna. Surprisingly, this beach has been left virtually untouched by the locals and the Indian tourists as a result of which your Kudle-experience will be one that will remain etched in your minds till the day you leave this earth.

In the innumerable hours we spent at Kudle over two days, we never once noticed another fellow Indian tourist. The place was full of foreign tourists from various parts of the world. There was also the hippy angle to these tourists. Some of whom have been here for months together. You could see these tourists engrossed in their own world enjoying the sun, sand and the sea. If someone is occupied with a book, someone else is pouring over some assignment sheets, while someone else is practicing Yoga or Tai Chi or juggling clubs. There were also those playing a game resembling Table Tennis without the table, and few others building a sand castle. And if they happened to get bored of their respective activities they go for a swim or run along the beach or go beach trekking or walk about the temple town of Gokarna. But then Kudle beach is just the kind of place where you can spend long hours without a care in the world. I wonder why Kudle beach was not named as Paradise Beach!

So, for once I’ll shut the hell up and let the pictures to the talking.

Getting-there: From the Gokarna Town Beach walk to the left, climb the hill past the temple, across the plateau, past a couple of yoga centers and finally descend into Kudle Beach. When in doubt ask any foreigner.

Must-Do: Spend long hours at the beach doing nothing. Watch the beautiful sunset and stay at any of the beachside cafĂ©’s.

Must-Don’t: You already know that by now, don’t ya?

My Rating: 9/10

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