Friday, November 20, 2009

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose your weight - A Must Read.

So what motivated a to-be-30-year-old 68 kg guy with a more-than-faint sign of prosperity to pick up the book Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose your weight? Well, firstly it was the word-of-mouth publicity it received. I’ve heard people about this book on more than a couple of instances. Secondly, it was written by the dietician behind the now-famous size zero of Kareena Kapoor. Thirdly, and most importantly the book actually busts many a myth dealing with the diet-culture, thereby offering a whole new dimension to eating-right, rather than just being another mashed-up offering from the Atkins stable.

Rujuta Diwekar is no run-off-the-mill dietician. She's highly qualified in her line of work. She has worked with many famous personalities/celebrities like Kareena, Saif, Sonali, Anil Ambani et al.

The book is easily available at every bookstore worth its paper at a reasonable rate (so you don’t have to wait for the footpath-release). I got mine from Landmark in Forum.

Thankfully the book does not disappoint you. The first few chapters are all about busting the myths which have by now become a way of life for many. Every legend busted is supported with a lot of scientific explanation for the same. Rujuta goes about creating an awareness of what goes behind the eating process, something that we just don’t bother to look into. The book actually is an expedition to explore your body. About how our body tries to communicate with us, and how our mind fails to establish contact in return. When it comes to eating we often listen to our mind but seldom to our stomach. Rujuta stresses on the need to listen to your stomach to lead a healthy life.

What’s commendable about the author is that, she doesn’t quarantine any food as bad - as long as they are natural of course. Processed foods and deep-fried items are a big no-no. But then there are cheat codes to beat the system. Example, one Pizza slice a month for the Pizza freaks and stuff like that. Similarly no vegetable is bad (read fat-inducing) as long as they are taken in the right quantities at the right time of the day in the right format.

What makes the book interesting is the numerous co-relations of our eating habits to real life examples to drive the point home. The entire book revolves around the four main principles of eating which forms the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. I will not mention them here, because if taken out of context, it could be totally misconstrued. Moreover this book is one for the keeps. Hence go to your nearest bookstore and get your own copy. It’s your ticket to a healthy lifestyle.

My Rating: 7/10


  1. Seems like a nice read...and a great blog

  2. Thanks Ajeya. And thanks for visiting my blog too.
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