Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lamb's Rock, Coonoor.

Day1. Second Stop.

Lamb's Rock is a scenic picnic spot about 9 kms from Coonoor. Its en route the Dolphin's Nose which is a mere 5 kms away. At 5700ft MSL you get a good view of the vast expanse of vegetation even as far as the Coimbatore Plains. Of course all this depends of the mist conditions, which on its day can reduce the visibility to as low as a couple of meters.
There's nothing much to do here but climb some 500 mts from the motorable road and then enjoy the view from up here. As far as the eye can see, its Nature at its best. Sky, sun, fog, mountains, greenery are all packed together as one bundle by the Supreme forces and dropped on your lap. Make the camera your creative companion on your visit to Lamb's Rock. Most parts of the cliffs are unsecured and hence need to be tread carefully. But do explore what little of the area you have up there and spend some leisurely time being at peace with oneself.

Must-Do: Carry a Camera to capture the images that will later act as stress-busters ;-)
Must-Don't: Littering. Get too adventurous and spoil the fun for others.
Caution: Monkeys and cliff-edges.

My Rating: 6/10

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  1. Nice pictures. I remember going to Lamb's rock and Dolphin's nose on a school trip. I remember playing in a stream on the way. :)

    Kishan, your second image seems to be overlapping some text.

  2. Thank you Ms Nambiar :)

    I don't see the image to be overlapping the text. Must be a browser issue. Happens sometimes.
    Im using IE8.0

  3. nice..but you most post bigger images!!